The work that we do

Whatever your needs, plans or ideas, we are here to listen and to discuss how we can help - whether you would like to better understand your organisations demand and capacity, or you would like to be able to report on organisation or system performance, or maybe even something more complex like an organisational restructure is being planned, our experienced and knowledgeable team are on hand to help you find a cost-effective solution.

Data driven decision-making is a relatively simple process when you have a partner as experienced as ourselves. Whatever you have in mind, there's a good chance that we have been involved in something similar. Feel free to make contact and arrange a chat if you think that we can help.

A number of our clients have badly needed analysis carried out but have been concerned that the quality of their data has been too low to rely on...this is not necessarily the case! We have tried and tested methods of extracting the data that we need whilst supporting efforts to cleanse your data if required. There are of course limits to what can be achieved if the data is in a really bad way, but we might just surprise you if you let us take a look.

As we are sure that you will understand, a majority of the work that we undertake contains sensitive and privileged data. As a result, you would never expect to see it featured on our website. Below are some examples of the work that we have done using publically available datasets and/or those which we have permission to share.

We are proud to be both Microsoft Partners and Experienced Operators of Power BI and the Azure platform

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